Learn about New Startups which are validated & GTM ready in April 2018

Discover the newly validated and GTM ready startups in April 2018, who are delivering breakthrough innovative apps based on SAP HANA, SAP Cloud Platform, SAP Leonardo, S4HANA in the areas of AI, Machine Learning, AR, VR, Blockchain etc. across 25 industries and 7 Lines of Businesses. We have 310 validated startup solutions which are GTM ready.

Public Sector

Aratos has developed a series of products and services based upon satellite technology and remote Earth Observation techniques. Their works vary among full disaster management systems, being addressed to local governments and civil protection groups, to environmental monitoring solutions and real-time alerting systems for citizens. Aratos emphasizes on the enormous potentials of the acquired information so as to deliver effective insights upon the selected areas of interest worldwide.

Transportation & Logistics

Fretron is a Logistics Technology company focused on encapsulating collaboration between various stakeholders of the Shipper supply chain processes i.e between the Shipper and Transporter. With deep domain knowledge and technology expertise, Fretron is focused on solving chaos within Logistics chain like between Shipper/Manufacturer of goods, Transporter and Fleet Owner.

Field Service & Operations Management

Sentilant does for field operations management what autonomous cars do today for driving and helps to improve operational performance by providing intelligent work plans and route optimizations, real-time tracking of operations on the field and of the business KPIs relevant for performance.

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  • Jan – Feb 2018: BirminD BZek, IQLECT, Looqbox, Singular Intelligence, Tablet Solutions, VendorMach
  • Dec 2017 – Jan 2018Arcstone, BFSC Solutions, Cerensa, Coresonant, Focuzz Solutions, Spatialex, Identify 3D, Intelizest, JacQ, Otosense, PharmaIntelligence, RecEasy, Sentienz Brainiac, Unified Inbox SHOUT