Learn about New Startups which were validated & GTM ready in Dec ’17 – Jan ‘18

Discover the newly validated and GTM ready startups in December 2017 who are delivering breakthrough and innovative apps based on SAP HANA and SAP Cloud Platform in the AI, Machine Learning, AR, VR, Blockchain space across 25 industries.


                                                   Cross Industry – Manufacturing

Arcstone built a data driven Manufacturing system which guides manufacturers into the age of Industry 4.0 with an advanced Manufacturing Execution System (MES) solution to control the factory floor. Learn how the solutions help solve the customer’s most critical pain points through harnessing the power of HANA based solution.

                                                                  Financial Services, Banking

Skippo from BFSC Solutions – is a Personal Finance Management platform which offers unique digital features as extension to standard core banking capabilities. The solution is fully integrated with SAP Banking Services, however can be used for non-SAP product systems as well as for 3rd party banks as stand-alone via data aggregators (e.g. Yodlee).

 Cross Industry, Sustainability

CERENSA offers your company an integrated solution for the collection, accounting, analysis and communication of all processes related to sustainability.


  Cross Industry

Focuzz Solutions – ProPER Talent coaching & development platform. Pro PERformance is a platform for talent coaching & development. Focused on improving as an individual by combining personal skills with academical, athletic achievements.

Travel & Transportation, Real Estate Mgmt

Spatialex from GeoSpatial Labs is a geospatial platform that digitally connects People, Things, Processes & Data by Location, creating a data intelligence network that enables process orchestration to achieve operational excellence.

Cross Industry – Manufacturing

The Identify3D Digital Supply Chain Platform provides design protection, quality assurance, and data logistics for digital manufacturing. The Platform enables industrial designers to assign enforceable business and manufacturing rules, protect them, facilitate secure digital distribution, and provide production integrity all the way to the manufacturing device to ensure that parts are produced to specifications.

Manufacturing, Transportation & Logistics

Intelizest IoT Based Warehouse Management Solutions to automate entire operations of Warehouse with IoT devices and native technologies integration, achieved with almost zero to min change management to the operation staff and very minimum investment and adoption time.

Retail, Consumer Products

JacQ MyShoes™ Smart Commerce Platform provides the next-generation mobile shopping experience for shoe lovers. It is THE world’s first enterprise level e-Commerce platform which solves the returns problem in online sales and sets a new standard for e-Commerce and human experience. MyShoes Platform delivers Disruptive Innovation for the Online Retail Business and a mind-shift in the Footwear and Apparel industry.

Cross Industry

 OtoSense delivers the first AI driven software platform turning machine sounds and vibrations into actionable meaning at the edge, enabling real-time condition monitoring and predictive maintenance.

Life Sciences- Pharmaceuticals

PharmaLogic PharmaIntelligence is an online competitive intelligence framework for global portfolio prediction and forecasted sales monitoring. PharmaIntelligence is currently the only software framework available in the market today that provides full automation and integration of any pharmaceutical market sales data source through world markets evaluation. The framework enables automatic management of market research, portfolio monitoring, products sales prediction, sales forecast and CI (Competitive Intelligence).

Cross Industry – Finance, Auditing

RecEasy is “making reconciliations easy” – the RecEasy solution will automatically validate whether every figure in your SAP accounts is correct and accurate and provide an audit trial automating the time-consuming process and tasks related to account reconciliations and posting and reviewing transactions. RecEasy is unique because it reviews and collects key data to prepare the entire account reconciliation.

Cross Industry

Sentienz Brainiac is a NLP framework which leverages AI and deep learning to allow users to talk with BI objects in natural language eliminating the need of learning any specific database language. It also captures the morphologies and ontologies of the query. Logographic and ontological errors are also captured making it highly robust.

Cross Industry- High Tech etc.

Unified Inbox SHOUT – Intelligent Broadcast Messaging Solution uses the UnificationEngine™ platform which brings together Artificial Intelligence with IoT and unified messaging to enable people to text and voice message devices, systems, and chat-bots as easily as they message their friends, on the communications channels they use most — and without the need for additional apps or external hardware.

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