SAP Startup Focus at Mobile World Congress 2018

The Mobile World Congress, a.k.a. the largest conference revolving around the mobile and digital, is just one month away and, as ever, SAP Startup Focus and its innovative startup partners will be joining the exhibition. The conference takes place in Barcelona, from the 26th of February to the 1st of March at the Fira – Gran Via.

This year, SAP Startup Focus will not only bring six select startups, but the Program is also joining efforts with the European Space Agency and launching the Space Business Accelerator, which aims to inspire startups to utilise the combined power of SAP and ESA’s technologies to build unique applications across boundaries and industries. Make sure to join Frank Salzgeber (Head of Technology Transfer and Business Incubation Office at ESA) and Luisa Silva (Global Director of ME & GTM at SAP Startup Focus) at the SAP Microforum stage, on Day 1 (26th of February), at 15h15.

SAP Startup Focus is sponsoring six startups that will be showcasing how SAP technology enables innovation in diverse areas.

For Retail and Shopping Experience

You will be amazed by two of our startups. The first one, is Indigo Media. Indigo Connected Retail solution leverages SAP Cloud Platform and the IoT to design a new generation of responsive shops. Their application offers an innovative shopper experience all while enabling retailers to gather customers insights so as to provide advanced in-store marketing analytics. The solution provides a real-time store sensing analytic system for retailers, and it integrates with multiple third party operating solutions. The second partner that offers disruptive innovation in the Online Retail Business, is JacQ. Their solution, MyShoes™ Smart Commerce Platform, provides next-generation mobile shopping experience for shoe lovers. It is THE world’s first enterprise level e-Commerce platform which solves the problems of returns in online sales, and sets a new standard for e-Commerce and human experience.

In the realms of predictive maintenance

OtoSense provides next-generation automated sound recognition technology that utilizes the power of machine learning. Their solution captures the sounds that represent leading indicators and transforms them into actionable intelligence.

For Smart Cities

IPgallery delivers IoT, ML and AI – based solutions providing the Future Cities leaders with real-time tools and means to analyze, understand and better serve citizens while increasing mutual engagement, improving efficiency, reducing costs, and generating new revenues streams.

For the Future of Work is an all-in-one solution for meeting management that handles the entire lifecycle. Their solution easily and intelligently captures and retrieves information, transforming your meeting content into knowledge assets.

In the context of our collaboration with ESA – for the Space Business Accelerator

Ovinto will be showcasing how they leverage both SAP and ESA technologies to deliver continuous monitoring of the transportation of hazardous goods in locations where there is none or limited traditional telecom coverage.

Come see all of our startup sessions at the SAP Microforum stage.

On Day 1:

At 11:20: Startup Innovations for Retail Experience by Laurent Meoni, General Manager @ Indigo Media

At 15:15: Driving Startup Innovation through Space – Space Business Accelerator by Frank Salzgeber (ESA) and Luisa Silva (SAP Startup Focus)

On Day 2:

At 11:40: Startup Innovations for next-gen shopping experience on APPLE iPhone for shoe lovers by Jacqueline Yildirim, CEO & Founder @ JacQ

At 14:20: Startup Innovations for Machines Sounds and Vibrations Sebastien Christian, CEO @ OtoSense

At 14:40: Startup Innovations for Unpowered Transport Units by Frederick Ronse, Founder & CEO @ Ovinto

At 15:00: Startup Innovations for Smart Cities by Michelle Specktor, EVP Business Development @ IPGallery

At 15:20: Startup Innovations for Meeting Management by Abdullah Kamel, Product Manager & Co-founder @


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