SAP Startup Focus Spotlight: Evolving Technologies

The SAP Startup Focus Program is proud to foster technology changing the world’s major paradigms. As on of the Startup Focus Program’s startups, Evolving Technologies Corporation does just this by offering ETC Unite as a 21st century solution that changes the way collective bargaining is done by labor unions, airlines and other major institutional players. The solution works by allowing multiple parties, in real time, to upload, share and view data, perform computations, and collaborate on the design of dashboards by utilizing decision analysis tools traditionally used by negotiators. Rather than taking weeks to solve problems, ETC Unite enables all parties to work together to explore the stakes, costs, interests, cross-impact and reach resolutions quicker than ever before.

Watch CEO Loren Abulezer and Capt. John Barton discuss the the ETC Unite Solution at this year’s SAPPHIRE NOW event in Orlando, Florida.

For more information about Evolving Technologies Corportation, click here.