SAP Startup Focus Startups won big at SAP HANA Innovation Award 2017

The SAP HANA Innovation award recognizes the extraordinary ways customers and partners are innovating and winning in the digital economy using SAP Platform and Technology solutions.

We are excited to announce five Startup Focus members, Sablono, The Next View, PlaceSpeak, SUS, and Unified Inbox, are amongst the winners!

HIA Winners

The categories included

Digital Trailblazer: Organizations that use technology to expand into and lead new markets or ecosystems; enable new business models; expand into new industries and regions; or digitization of products and services.

Process Innovator: businesses that use technology to reduce costs or improve efficiencies to the point that a company catapults into a leading position in their industry; projects that leverage technology to eliminate business risks, or enable game changing capabilities such as predicting outcomes and using real time access to data to improve decision making.

Social Hero: companies that enable dramatic changes in how people live their lives (i.e. smarter homes) or significant improvements in public services (i.e. city of the future, social services).


Meet our Winners

Sablono, Process Innovator 1st place: Best run Projects run Sablono on SAP HANA

Sablono enables Real time Project Management in complex projects based on SAP HANA. It connects scheduling and workforce management in one combined solution allowing for an unprecedented level of detail.

The Next View, Process Innovator 2nd place: Increasing production yields in an ecofriendly way with IoT and Big Data Analysis

Next View develops smart applications in the fields Big Data, Process Mining, and the IoT. To help companies increase their production yield and lower costs, Next View created a solution based on SAP HANA and SAP Cloud Platform to improve performance by connecting people, processes and technology. The solution simplifies IT to serve the end-user. The Next View focuses on the end-user experience while combining possibilities of big data, security, the cloud and mobile apps.

PlaceSpeak, Social Hero 2nd place: Spatial Visualization of Public Opinion Data

Place Speak uses SAP HANA Platform and SAP HANA Text Analysis to analyze and visualize large volumes of online civic engagement text data collect through public consolations conducted on its platform. The result is a new innovative capability called SentiMap, providing local government customers with powerful new insight about the opinions and preferences of different parts of the populations they serve.

The winning prize includes free passes to the 2017 SAPPHIRE NOW conference, with competition winners also receiving up to $5,000 to donate to charity, and recognition at the SAP HANA Innovation Award ceremony.


Meet our Special Awards Winners

This year for the first time the SAP HANA Innovation Award includes several Special Awards beyond first and second place winners in each category.

Industry Disrupter: companies that epitomize how digital transformation is disrupting their industry by redefining how their organization creates value, interacts with customers and business partners, or changes the competitive landscape.

SUS Smart Utility Systems won the Industry Disrupter Award thanks to Smart Customer Mobile (SCM®), an award-winning customer engagement web and mobile platform that provides self-service capabilities and enables real-time two-way communication empowering the customer-utility relationship. SCM® is the only Customer Engagement platform designed to provide a 360-degree view of all customer interactions while reducing utility operational cost and maximizes the return on investments.

Honorable Mention: entries that demonstrate compelling examples of innovation leadership with SAP Platform and Technology solutions.

Unified Inbox has been named Honorable Mention Award. The SHOUT Application helps to reach out to people on any device, any platform, any time instantly during an emergency. It allows immediate broadcasting of emergency messages to Facebook, Twitter, email, SMS, Viber, WhatsApp and more. Post-event, you can analyze conversations on multiple social media channels e.g. Facebook, Twitter, etc., once the message is delivered and also propose appropriate responses to the chaos during any emergency.

Check out the innovation stories!


The Next View

Place Speak


Unified Inbox

Special HANA Innovation Award Event at SAPPHIRE NOW 2017

Join us on Tuesday, May 16, from 7:00 AM to 8:30 AM at the Hilton Orlando Hotel to celebrate and honor the success of SAP Partners and Customers.