SAPPHIRE NOW 2018 – A technology conference like none other

Digital transformation has got to be among the most visible trends that is currently sweeping the global business landscape. Wherever you look, organizations of all sizes are evolving rapidly and moving from a quaint analog world to one which is fully automated and digitally empowered. Technology is permeating every piece of the puzzle, irrespective of industry – chatbots are replacing humans, machine maintenance is being done by sound signatures analytics and drones appear to be flying in flocks larger than migrating Canadian geese!

In this environment, business conferences might appear to be an endangered species. Right? After all, who needs people to actually meet and greet when all the business can be done via a screen of some sort. Wrong.

According to a Feb 2018 report by leading industry organization, Events Council:

  • In the US, there were 1.9 million meetings that occurred in 2016, with 251 million meeting participants (a meeting is defined as a gathering of more than 10 people in a contracted venue and does NOT include social, educational, and recreational activities, as well as consumer exhibitions)
  • These meetings created $845 billion of output (business sales) and led to the creation of 5.9 million jobs

In other words, as the world gets more digital, the foundational need for humans to behave as humans i.e. to meet and conduct business in a personal setting, only becomes larger.

Which leads me to SAP’s premier customer conference called SAPPHIRE NOW which is happening in Orlando, FL from June 5-7, 2018. While this has always been a very compelling conference for folks primarily on the business end of things, for the last few years SAPPHIRE NOW has gained a significant technology edge as well. If you are a business owner, a technology executive or a startup founder, this is a conference you cannot miss.

SAP SapphireNOW 2017, Orlando, USA

Here are a couple of reasons why you should attend SAPPHIRE NOW:

  1. Touch, see and play with actual production-ready innovation that you can use today
  2. See how you can use this innovation to deliver transformational outcomes for your business
  3. Sample best-of-breed business applications from SAP and our partners
  4. Meet, engage and interact with leaders across different products, lines of business, technologies and customer organizations.

In fact, if you are a startup that wants to sell to someone who is an SAP customer, or are wondering about the right technology choices that you need to make for the future, this is probably the most critical conference you ought to attend.

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