Startup Focus Roster

Throughout the year, the Value Engineering team enables startups to identify, realize, and communicate the value of their HANA-based solutions to customers. The VE process includes performing Minimum Viable Product checks and ICC certifications, aligning solutions with SAP industries, determining best fit usecases, creating business assets and collateral, showcasing startups at industry-specific webinars and DEMO days, and value management coaching by internal and external experts.

In Q4 of 2014, Startup Focus welcomed 6 newly validated solutions in APJ and EMEA.

1. Compegence

nagaraz, compegence

Nagaraj Kulkarni, Founder

Location: Bangalore, India

Founded: December 2010

Reason for founding Compegence:

During their engagements with Fortune 500s and startups with consulting and in-house viewpoints, it became apparent to the Compegence team a gap exists between technology and the available decision making business tools. Compegence emerged to address the real need of businesses: “COMPEtitive intelliGENCE”, with the focus on creating “Information Excellence” outcomes by using a “Business Acumen + Process + Data + Domain” driven integrated approach.

Compegence is a real time high velocity telecom trend, anomaly, and pattern self learning solution that prevents fraud and misuse while generating risk alerts, monitoring compliance, and optimizing cost. The solution removes the burden of detection and pre-investigation and puts the ‘analysis and action’ time back in the hands of business analysts.

2. Ascentra Consulting

ascentra picture

Rajiv Srivastava, Founder

Location: Sydney, Australia

Founded: Originally incorporated in September 2006 as a Supply Chain Planning and Analytics Consulting firm. In April 2014 Ascentra began developing HANA and SAP Predictive Analytics solutions.

Reason for founding Ascentra:

Poor forecasts are like a disease that drains value from organisations, a customer pain point that Rajiv recognized needed to be addresed. Ascentra was founded to provide simple and innovative solution to complex business problems.

Ascentra’s Second Opinion is a supply chain, asset management and customer-centric solution that provides second opinion on current baseline forecasts and provides insights into improvement opportunities using state-of-the-art algorithms and other cutting edge methods.

3. Espedia

gianni_espedia solution

Gianni Pelizzo, Founder

Location: Treviso, Italy

Founded: 2003; the start-up initiative for SAP PDP started 18 months ago.

Reason for founding Espedia: 

Gianni and his team founded the startup within Espedia to develop its product and capitalize on 10 years of experience in product development business process across different industries. The team began developing a new solution for the fashion and retail market, in which they identified three major disruptive changes:

  • “Fast Fashion” is new business model requesting a dramatic reduction of time between an idea of a new product and its launch on the market.
  • “Customers Rule”: smart phones and other mobile appliances put the customer in a central position. Having real time information on the customer’s sentiment is a “must have” for designers and product portfolio managers.
  • “Delocalization”: guaranteeing forecasted margins requires a permanent focus on costs during the entire lifecycle of a product, especially if manufacturing has been outsourced to low labor countries. Real time management of all modifications and an update of raw and semi-finished material products are becoming essential.

Espedia’s solution provides ‘Product Lifecycle Costing’ to monitor the costs along the entire lifecycle, providing real time analysis of cost modifications coming from different sources of data, ‘Season and Line Planning’ to organize the product portfolio for new collections by brands/market/lines, and ‘Mood Board Management’ to capture customer sentiments, trends and all other unstructured information needed to define the mood on a new collection.


4. MacroMicro

brad resized

Brad Peterson, Co-Founder

Location: Boston and Singapore

Founded: Early 2013

Reason for founding MacroMicro:

MacroMicro was founded by Brad and his team of four to get better insight into large organizations and the associated workforce data. At the time, Brad was working for Nokia, a company of 60K+ employees, and he found it difficult to get a good sense of how the organization fit together.

MacroMicro’s Solution OrgInsight visualization is built with line manager hierarchy and can map 10s or 100s of thousands of employees in one view. When combining this foundation with employee workforce data (span of control, job grade, skill sets, geographic location etc.) , patterns and concentrations become apparent that would be completely missed with aggregate data. OrgInsight visualizations help executives and those who work in HR to easily analyze workforce related data in a human (micro) and in a organizational (macro) perspective to help them make more informed decisions with greater confidence.

5. MyFirstCampus

vijay sharma, my first campus

Vijay Sharma, Founder

Location: Bangalore, India

Founded: Late 2014

Reason for founding MyFirstCampus:

While interacting with big multinational companies and starts-ups, Vijay realized that hiring entry-level engineers is a major pain paint for most of companies. He decided to do something to help companies get highly employable candidates and reduce their poor hires to almost zero.

The MyFirstCampus Solution is a computer adaptive test that allows organizations to predict the ability of the job candidates with profound equi-precision and accuracy by helping managers look beyond the resume and discover deeper traits, asking only relevant questions to candidates, and better matching employees to work profiles and culture.

6. Vignyaan

SANJEEV, Vignyaan

Sanjeev Koushik, Founder (6 founders total)

Location: Bangalore, India

Founded: October, 2012

Reason for founding Vignyaan: 

Consumers are moving to e-commerce websites due to lack of options and customized offers per their buying behavior in the brick and mortar stores, hence, the offline stores need to provide a great experience to customers that keeps them engaged. This entails advanced analytics on inventory and POS (point of sale) data on a real-time basis, something that is difficult to achieve with traditional approaches.

Vignyaan’s solution MobiTrolley is a purchasing experience solution for the consumers, who receive on-the-fly offers on their smartphone’s retail shopping app, while also being able to scan barcodes of particular products they are interested in, powered a massive predictive analytics engine that retailers adopt for effective campaign management.