Startup Opportunities at Smart City Congress Nov 17-19

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In collaboration with SAP Public Sector and SAP Future Cities, SAP Startup Focus will be attending Smart City World Congress in Barcelona November 17-19. As part of its scaling initiatives to bring smart city and public sector centric startups into the program and in front of SAP customers driving innovation agendas, SAP Startup Focus will be bringing more than a dozen startups to the conference to showcase their technologies and gain exposure with top level mayors and CIOs.

Given the increasing emphasis on smart city technology by top level executives around the world, the inclusion of startups signifies the importance of innovative, grassroots technologies that will fill the voids and compliment existing software installations offered by large corporate players like SAP, IBM, and Cisco.

Startups like Capriza, a SFP program member that recently announced strategic success with its customer City of LA and Los Angeles Fire Department, as well as Choice Holdings, with its solutions in intelligent energy management and security, will take part in the conference to illustrate the role that startup players play in large scale impact for corporations and governments around the world.

As the event nears, Startup Focus will work with EMEA based startups not yet in the program, working until mid November to understand their technology stack, value proposition, customer traction, and team to identify synergy both with the program and a potential slot at the Barcelona Congress. If you are a startup with an interest in attending the conference and believe you have a compelling use case, we invite you to attend a virtual webinar to listen to an overview of the program and hear from the public sector team, as well as pitch your solution for the chance to participate in person at the Smart City Congress, compliments of SAP Startup Focus and SAP Public Sector.

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What to Expect at the Smart City Congress

Find your technology’s and team’s alignment with the various topic agendas including smart society, technology (e.g. gathering and analyzing urban data), governance (e.g. building viable partnerships for urban development), energy (e.g. reducing emissions from heating, cooling and power by rethinking buildings and cities, and the way we are producing, storing and distributing urban energy), mobility (e.g. building integrated urban transportation networks), and sustainable city (e.g. taking a look at the challenges facing countries across the globe, and how each is responding).

Startups are also encouraged to submit and showcase ideas and projects aiming to find innovative and advanced solutions for entrepreneurs, research centers, start-ups and SMEs at the Smart City Plaza. This Call For Solutions is looking for the most relevant and innovative solutions in order to showcase prototypes in real‐time in the Smart City Plaza within the Smart City Expo World Congress. Solutions must be related with one or several of the following subjects: smart society, technology, governance, energy, mobility and sustainable city.

Check back in during the month of October for content outlining the current state of the smart city funding landscape, and startup-enterprise market opportunities with insight from key stakeholders from the SAP Public Sector and Future Cities team.