Startup Story: 1-Enterprise

CEO and Co-Founder of 1-Enterprise, Arun Prasad, talks about his experience with SAP Startup Focus Program and 1-Enterprise’s journey so far.


I co-founded 1-Enterprise as a product and solution company on January 29, 2013 in Bangalore, India.  1-Enterprise was built to capitalize on the management consulting expertise, analytics experience and maturity of the founders.

A well-wisher referred us to the SAP Startup Focus Program, a flagship innovation initiative of SAP. It was to prime innovation in Products and Solutions on SAP HANA. 1-Enterprise registered for the program with an idea which later translated into Telematics for Manufacturing Industry.

Next ,we attended a workshop in SAP Labs during June 2013 which was conducted by SAP India MD and the Startup Focus team. The program was a simple and clean 3 stage program:


Our idea was validated by a team of SAP experts from the Manufacturing Industry. We realized that our idea had enormous revenue potential globally.

A senior Solution Architect from SAP Startup Focus helped us in developing and building Telematics on SAP HANA. The development process was effective & efficient and best practices of product development were adopted. Telematics was validated after a thorough verification process. SAP SCC also certified Telematics.

As a part of the Go-to-Market strategy, we participated in the SAP TechEd 2013 event in Bangalore and SAP Sapphire 2014 event in Orlando.  Telematics is listed on the SAP HANA Market Place.

As part of the Go-to-Market strategy, three account managers have been assigned to help us align with the SAP Sales Organization. Managers are to co-ordinate for APJ, EMEA and Americas Markets.

1-Enterprise currently has six customers in India and Middle East.

As part of the go-to-market phase, we have opened a 100% subsidiary entity in the US. We are investing on the Sales and Marketing initiatives by on-boarding a Global Head of Sales and Americas Head of Sales, signing partnerships with System Integrators and looking at targeting enterprise customers.

We are in the process of raising capital from Venture Capitalists for funding our Sales and Marketing initiatives.

Recently we participated in CEBIT 2014 in Bangalore, a global technology event and had a booth at the ‘Make in India’ Pavilion. Due to our participation and efficient booth management, we were awarded the Best Exhibitor for the event and earned a booth at CEBIT 2015 at Hanover in March’15.