42 Technologies, Inc.

In the fast moving global retail environment, 42 Technologies is dedicated to delivering the best technology to make sure customers always stay ahead. 42 Technologies has experience spanning retail and technology, having worked at Fortune 500’s such as Procter & Gamble, Google, and Facebook. They understand that data driven decisions are important, but most people are short on time. Their mission is to deliver a platform that’s powerful, yet simple.

a-plus tree systems

APTS has developed a financial analytics product based on XBRL reporting that’s quickly becoming a corporate mandate, globally. Every industry has a finance department in order to track and measure their growth. APTS provides a platform so users can monitor competitors, in the sectors and companies of their choice. XBRL is a freely available and global standard for exchanging business information. It allows the expression of semantic meaning commonly required in business reporting.

Aaum Research and Analytics Private Limited

Founded by IIT Madras alumnus and established at IIT Madras Research Park with a focus on researching and developing sophisticated analytical solutions to solve pressing needs across a wide range of businesses including: travel and logistics, finance, insurance, human resources, health care, entertainment, fast-moving consumer goods, retail, and telecom.

AdMaster Inc.

AdMaster is China’s leading third-party big-data provider and data management platform. The solution helps advertisers in digital marketing to monitor, optimize, and increase overall marketing ROI through technology and big-data insights.


The AEGRO platform is focused in agricultural technology, making it easy to access and utilize the best management strategies. The solution enhances farming productivity by improving the production, financial and commercial processes. The solution integrates data from different sources and lets farmers plan and control their crops in real time while maintaining a history of activities, observation and incidences.


AnswerRocket empowers the user to rapidly access data within SAP HANA with a real-time Google-like search. The solution answers questions with intuitive user-friendly visualizations any business user can understand, explore, and share. Instantly.

Apaxo GmbH

The Apaxo platform is a marketplace for different business optimization strategies for on-line merchants and retailers. The solution uses user and sales data from a given online store to optimize their marketing activities. The platform integrates with all major online shops and platforms, allowing third parties and researchers to implement their optimization algorithms.

Apphion Technology Consulting AG

Continued Process Verification (CPV) is an emerging regulatory standard for pharma manufacturers. All are now required to demonstrate their quality procedures for CPV. Currently the reporting process is time consuming and error prone. Apphion’s solution PharmaXpert mCQA standardizes product quality data sources for advanced quality analytics and rapid reporting, resulting into operational savings and efficiency.

AppOrchid Inc.

AppOrchid Inc. uses SAP HANA technology to build multi-device cognitive apps quickly across structured and textual data sources spanning the Internet of Things (IOT) to address risk and increase productivity.


A product and services firm focused on big data related to SAP HANA projects that leverage rapid deployment solutions and Approyo’s industry templates.