a-plus tree systems

APTS has developed a financial analytics product based on XBRL reporting that’s quickly becoming a corporate mandate, globally. Every industry has a finance department in order to track and measure their growth. APTS provides a platform so users can monitor competitors, in the sectors and companies of their choice. XBRL is a freely available and global standard for exchanging business information. It allows the expression of semantic meaning commonly required in business reporting.

Aaum Research and Analytics Private Limited

Founded by IIT Madras alumnus and established at IIT Madras Research Park with a focus on researching and developing sophisticated analytical solutions to solve pressing needs across a wide range of businesses including: travel and logistics, finance, insurance, human resources, health care, entertainment, fast-moving consumer goods, retail, and telecom.

AdMaster Inc.

AdMaster is China’s leading third-party big-data provider and data management platform. The solution helps advertisers in digital marketing to monitor, optimize, and increase overall marketing ROI through technology and big-data insights.

Ascentra Consulting

Ascentra Consulting provides supply chain, asset management and customer centric solutions across industries, by leveraging their predictive analytics expertise. Customer segmentation, churn, market basket analysis, and forecasting are its forte. The solution, ‘Second Opinion’ provides second opinion on the current baseline forecasts and provides insights into improvement opportunities using state of art forecasting algorithms and some breakthrough methods.


The world’s first complete end-to-end, fully integrated big data, Smart Grid solution designed to meet the needs of energy utilities and retailers with a rich suite of functions.


Compegence creates and ‘information advantage’ for its customers, with ‘real-time decision intelligence’ products and solutions. It follows the unique business acumen plus process plus data plus domain plus technology approach. It also offers advisory and architecture services. Their solution, ForeWarn, is a real-time big data TAP (trend, anomaly, and pattern) detection engine for telecommunications.


Dedicated to APJ customers, Datalynx has developed FIOS to support supply chain management, IT infrastructure management, FDA compliance management, and cloud computing solutions. Datalynx Singapore is subsidiary of the Swiss based Datalynx AG.

Discover Dollar

Discover Dollar has developed a next-generation automated Overpayment Resolver Engine. The solution automatically detects, notifies, and resolves overpayment by analyzing various data sources including emails and contracts.


eLogicDecision has 20 years of products and services expertise focused on energy trading software that includes contract and portfolio management, as well as settlement and risk. Their newest solution, $SentimentTrader, is and end-to-end currency trading platform that leverages SAP HANA as the in-memory database and analytics.

Flutura Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd

Flutura’s Cerebra Voice of Customer is the only Advanced Contextual Text Mining product in the market that unlocks actionable insights from the vast ocean of customer feedback from internal and external data sources.