Apaxo GmbH

The Apaxo platform is a marketplace for different business optimization strategies for on-line merchants and retailers. The solution uses user and sales data from a given online store to optimize their marketing activities. The platform integrates with all major online shops and platforms, allowing third parties and researchers to implement their optimization algorithms.

Apphion Technology Consulting AG

Continued Process Verification (CPV) is an emerging regulatory standard for pharma manufacturers. All are now required to demonstrate their quality procedures for CPV. Currently the reporting process is time consuming and error prone. Apphion’s solution PharmaXpert mCQA standardizes product quality data sources for advanced quality analytics and rapid reporting, resulting into operational savings and efficiency.

Bankhawk Analytics

Bankhawk Analytics provides companies with compelling new insights using banking data which they use to be more competitive and profitable.


The Bay31 security and compliance solutions use in-memory data-mining to extract valuable intelligence from identity and access data in SAP and cross-platform environments.


The Waste Management Analytical suite by BIGDAL, allows for precision recycling control, compliance with government rates and limits, and monitoring and management of manufacturing costs. The big data apps deliver real-time predictive analytics to save costs and anticipate future events for better decision-making. Additionally, the solutions drive company teams to achieve their goals, saving costs and protecting the environment.

Building Radar GmbH

We supply verified, real-time information on construction projects worldwide, so that your sales team can focus on sales rather than lead generation and qualification efforts. The solution helps to stay informed about all construction projects in your neighborhood and across the globe in different geographies, to track your competitors’ next moves, and to evaluate new strategic partnerships using one smart platform(Buiding Radar).


Utility companies strive to achieve optimum efficiency between processes and systems especially across planning and scheduling. The BXAP solution known as ‘Simple Task Scheduler’ provides an end-to-end task management solution that includes resource allocation based on skills and availability.

Celonis GmbH

Celonis delivers process mining for SAP by reconstructing the processes in real-time based on the digital footprints created by the SAP ERP system.

Choice Technologies Holding

Fraud and energy theft are major challenges and ongoing threats for utility companies. The Revenue Intelligence© from Choice delivers an SAP HANA based solution that delivers real-time analytical capacity with high performance data storage. The solution allows users to manage and reduce fraud and threat by detecting those activates, and then evaluating financial repercussions and selecting the best action to mitigate losses.


Consetto analyses customer messages and communications across a wide range of direct and indirect sources including email and social channels. The process extracts topics, products and sentiments so the user can rapidly address customer needs, expectations, problems and trends like never before.