Self-Rating introduces an international RaaS (Rating-as-a-Service) solution, empowering businesses to generate online, in minutes, an indicative rating for evaluating overall financial performances as well as evaluating outcomes of meager taken – “What-if”. This RaaS is equally leveraging from Large enterprises or SMEs, Financial professional or layman with their different profiles can use utilizing the same algorithms. RaaS (Rating-as-a-Service) is a Disruptive solution for one of the Financial Industry’s Pillars (nowadays Lender/Brower interact based on rating). What has been a product for Wall Street will now be a product for Main Street across the globe generating indicative rating, privately, in minutes, for pennies. Leverages the SAP HANA in-memory database technology as well as its power in predictive analytics of big data follow interfacing to SAP ERP system as well as absorbing outside data, to enable complex calculations in real-time.


•Maximizing efficiency and time spent by your team; optimizing their efforts among different clients as well as allowing in-depth, real-time monitoring of clients' overall financial performance (not limited to credit taking).

•Automating the retrieval of clients’ information, building a more consistent and enriched online user experience and enhancing clients' daily financial management.

•Expanding the circle to include additional parties who provide internal and external input to risk assessment regardless of participants' level of expertise, along with comprehensive insights, workflow monitoring and process management by CRO/CIO.

•Standardization of the internal framework which will evolve to cover country-specific and global vertical industries

•Low Pricing / No Amortization / Fully Depreciated / ROI

•Easily used by Financial professional or layman

•Indicative Rating in minutes 

•Enhance transparency - Large enterprises to MSMEs employ same algorithms

•RaaS – SaaS based model


•Affordable, “do-it-yourself” tool for : (a) Performance, (b) Credit worthiness & (c) Competitive positioning

•Management Assessment and Due Diligence tools

•Negotiation assistance tools with financial institutions, vendors and end-use customers (when granting trade finance)