Tune in SAP Radio! Disrupter’s Dilemma: Competing or Collaborating with Incumbents

Listen LIVE Tuesday, January 30, 2018 at 9 AM Pacific / 12 Noon Eastern

The $ Million Question for an innovative and disruptive technology: Compete or collaborate with the established players in your industry or business niche?

Neither option is absolute. Both involve making strategic compromises to advance the likelihood of success for the disruptive entrant.

Our panel will discuss what management scholars have known for decades: how companies can defensively deal with this kind of “demand side” disruptive innovation.

It’s fairly common that they either acquire new entrants or “disrupt themselves” by setting up autonomous units under their own banner to explore similarly disruptive innovations. The plan: once the disruptive new innovation begins to dominate its industry, the mature company will roll the new technology into its principal lines of business on its own schedule.

Hear how two startups member of the SAP Startup Focus Program in very different industries are dealing with these challenges to their market entry and growth.

Recruitment Smart Technologies, Yusuf Jazakallah, Founder and Director 

Yusuf Jazakallah is the Founder and Director of Recruitment Smart Technologies, a startup in London focused on creating AI and Machine Learning solutions for HR.  Experienced at building high performing teams, this is his third startup venture.  Prior to Recruitment Smart he was involved in creating FinTech products like mobile wallet platforms, Stock Trading applications and has also developed consulting businesses around partnership model with SAP and Salesforce.com.  Having started his career in the corporate world working for companies like Ernst and Young, American Express and Lloyds Banking group, he brings a unique perspective on how large companies can collaborate with startups to bring disruptive technologies to the market. His start-up Recruitment Smart was recently featured as one of the top 20 Global Future creators of 2017 (Link) and also shortlisted by Recruiter Magazine UK as a game changer technology solution in their March 2017 issue (Link).   His comments on “how corporates can start innovating like startups” were recently featured on the TCS twitter channel as part of the Slush 2017 event @Helsinki (Link).

Ovinto, Frederick Ronse, CEO 

After having worked for a large  environmental company for a couple of years, Frederick Ronse started up a company in 2005 which has now become Ovinto. Frederick is a polyglot who lived, studied and worked in six different EU countries. He holds a Sciences degree, with a Marketing  Management and Corporate Finance background. Frederick specializes in telematics, lobbying, public sector, sales and tendering. He is very independent and entrepreneurial, having the experience of starting up a company. He is always eager for knowledge, loving to combine theoretical backgrounds.

SAP Startup Focus, Mayank Mathur, Senior Director, ISV Partner & Startup Ecosystem

Mayank Mathur leads the Value Engineering team in the Startup Focus Program. Mayank leads the VE team to enable Startups, early stage ISVs and Partners to build the next generation of applications and solutions on SAP Hana Technology and Platform. Mayank has been with SAP for 17 years in various Development, Support and Partner Management Roles.